Wednesday, January 13

Urgent Prayer Needed

For our brothers and sisters in Haiti. As you probably know by now, the earthquake yesterday was 7.0, and has been followed by up to 5.9 aftershocks. These people have nothing already, and the quake has already caused enormous damage.

Pastor Tim (my dad) went to Haiti a couple of years ago and has continued to correspond with several pastor friends from there. The pastor in charge of the association of churches, Predestin, and his family (wife and baby girl) live in/near Port Au Prince, where the quake was at its worst. Pastor Predestin also assists with an orphanage which has around 100 children. Here is an update from Wordsower International (they help with the orphanage):

"In Haiti....Bad EQUAKE!!!!!! Wordsower people are okay for now....but Jason [Nightingale] and James are trying with Predestin to get to MFH [My Father's House - orphanage] 1 and 2. Please pray.....don't know when I will get back on this is bad but we are seeing some miracles!!!"

My dad has been in contact with a friend who is trying to get a flight to Haiti this week, and will be taking supplies and whatever he can do to help with him.

Thank you in advance for your prayers for Pastor Predestin and his wife, the Nightingales, and the people of Haiti.

To our Haitian brothers and sisters, we are praying for you.

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